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Richard from Coda Electrical talked me through what was wrong with my switchboard and how the fuses were overheating and affecting my lights and washer etc. He also advised how much it was going to cost and I was really happy with pricing and the time it took. I highly recommend them and I will definitely use them again.

Chris Brown

I highly recommend Coda Electrical! Richard does a great job, is reliable and charges great rates.

John Lagoudakis

Do You Need To Replace Your Switchboard?

If you’re experiencing problems with you lighting or electrical appliances, your outdated switchboard or fuse box might be the problem.

The age of your house or existing switchboard is not the only sign that your switchboard needs replacing. If any of these things happen, it may be time to call an electrician and find out if it needs replacing:

  • Do fuses blow when you use more than one standard appliance?
  • Do fuses seem to blow out more often than they should?
  • Do your lights flicker for no apparent reason?
  • Has the cabling in your switchboard overheated?
  • Do you still have an old fuse box with ceramic fuses?

If you want to install safety switches or are having solar panels installed, you’ll probably need to replace your switchboard. In some states, you will be required by law to upgrade your switchboard when you have air conditioning installed. As a rule of thumb, seriously consider replacing your switchboard when you add any high-energy consuming new appliances to your home.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Switchboard?

There’s more to replacing a switchboard than just taking the old switchboard off and installing a new one. By law, when an electrician replaces a switchboard or modifies your system in any way, they must also bring the home’s entire system up to Australian Standard AS3000. To do that, testing and perhaps other modifications will be required. Because of this, quotes for replacing a switchboard can vary dramatically in price.

For example, replacing a switchboard and fuse box alone might cost $400-$800.

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