Leave your Electrical Issues with us

We believe that property managers should focus on things that they are good at and leave the concerns regarding electrical issues to us.

Coda Electrical knows how stressful it is to have a contractor who always fails to deliver even the simplest of tasks.

 Real estate is all about making sure your tenants are happy as they take little regard about excuses or delays from your contractor. They don’t deserve a broken-down AC or heater and you, as property managers, don’t deserve the stress that comes along with hunting down a contractor to do the job for you.

The Reality Behind Most Real Estate Electrical Service Contractors

Truth of the matter is, most contractors out there can barely handle jobs from real estate owners.

They are overworked, overbooked, and sometimes lack managerial skills to be a 100% guaranteed service provider for real estate and strata management.

 This is they fail in delivering the best kind of service to your tenants. Remember, unhappy tenants mean a bad day at work. What you need is a Strata-Real Estate Electrician service provider you can really rely on.